Aromatherapy Spa

Aromatherapy Spa Certification Program

Spa treatments are one of the fastest growing fields in stress reduction. Our Aromatherapy Spa Certification Program offered in the Windsor, Leamington, and Chatham Ontario region makes an excellent adjunct to body-work training and gives you the opportunity to expand your practice. Including spa treatments in your practice also reduces repetitive stress on your hands from intensive forms of bodywork.

The Aromatherapy Spa Certification Program includes three modules:  aromatherapy facials, therapeutic cellulite & salt-glo treatments and aromatic body wraps.  The training also includes making up your own face and body blends.  No expensive wet room or equipment is required.

Body wraps are a form of hydrotherapy and offers wonderful health benefits, boosting mood, stimulating skin cells and elevating the immune system.

Program Curriculum – 3 Modules

Module I

Aromatherapy Facials:
Learn how to give a full one-hour relaxing aromatherapy facial treatment, using all natural products.

Aromatherapy Spa Certification Program includes facials

Module II

Cellulite & Salt-Glo Treatments:
Cellulite is a build-up of toxins and fat in the tissues, which can be reduced by regular treatments as well as home treatments. Learn the benefits of exfoliation and special aromatherapy blends specific to cellulite.

Aromatherapy Spa classes include cellulite & salt-glo treatments.

Module III

• Aromatic Body Wraps
• Thalassotherapy & Mud Treatments
• Exfoliating techniques
• Essential oils for spa treatments

Aromatherapy spa body wraps.  Ontario Canada school of Aromatherapy Spa

Number of hours: 59.5

To become Certified, students must complete the training, practice their techniques, then contact the school to come in for a ‘Practice Session’. The practice session is to make sure the student is ready to begin their clinicals. There are 15 clinicals, which can be done on family and/or friends, which would be 5 people for the Facials, 5 people for the Cellulite & Salt Glo, and 5 people for the body wraps. Once the clinicals are done with proper documentation, students book their practical exam, and bring their clinical documentation for review.

Upon successful completion of the Aromatherapy Spa Certification Program (including the clinicals and practical exam), students receive their certificate as a “Certified Aroma-Spa Practitioner”.

Admissions Requirement
Minimum 18 years old and high school diploma (or equivalent).

Total cost of tuition is $995.00

Deposit:  $200.00. Once the $200.00 registration deposit is paid, the balance of $795.00 is due on the first day of class (prices are in Canadian dollars). Fees include the manual of information, all course materials and practical exam fee.

A completed application form with a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee to reserve a place in class. Class size is limited and we recommend submitting applications early to reserve your place.

Next Full Program Date:   2024   Inquire about dates

Aromatherapy Facials Only
Module I Only: Facial Certification Training         Tuition:  $495.00

Dates: Weekend of October 5-6, 2024