Policies & Procedures

Registration / Deposit Fee: 

Registration fees are paid to hold a place in class.  There are no refunds of registration fees, but if a student needs to cancel or cannot attend the scheduled program date, they must notify the school 2 weeks prior to the start of the first day of class.  If the school is not notified 2 weeks previous, students lose their deposit unless they can find another student to take their place.

If a student decides not to take the program after paying the deposit, and notifies the school 2 weeks prior, these monies can be used as a credit for:

  • re-registering for the same program
  • towards another program or workshop at Aliphatic Ambrosia

This credit is good for one year from the date on the registration receipt.

Program /Tuition Fee: 

The balance of payment for all programs is to be paid on or before the first day of class.  There are no course refunds once course materials have been handed out.

Re-Entrance Conditions: 

If a student does not complete or has to withdraw from the program for any reason, there are no refunds, but the student may re-apply for a future school term to complete their studies. To receive full credit for classes completed, the student must return to school within one year from the last day they attended class. An administrative fee of $50.00, plus a written request for re-admission is required.  The request must include an explanation for the original withdrawal and the reasons they desire re-admission into the program.  Acceptance is at the discretion of the Director, the Instructor and the administrative staff.  Students who have prepaid for the course will be responsible to pay the difference for any tuition increase which may have occurred.


In the aromatherapy and reflexology manual are study guides with suggestions and recommendations on how to help prepare for both written and practical exams.  Instructors will schedule the written exam with the students on the last day of the course.  Students are required to attend on that date.

Exam fees for the written and practical exam are included in the Reflexology tuition fee. If a student fails their exam, written or practical, they are allowed one re-take of the exam.

The fee for re-writes, or re-taking the practical exam, is $95.00/exam.  If the student fails the exam a second time, re-training will be required before being allowed to re-take another exam.  The re-training will be at the student’s own expense.

The amount and duration of the re-training will be based upon an evaluation of the student’s requirements, which will be done by the Program Instructor/Director and the administrative staff.

If a student fails to attend on the scheduled exam date and time, the mark the student will receive for that exam will be “Fail”.  No refunds will be granted for missed exams. If they wish to rewrite, the fee of $95.00 for a rewrite will apply.

Cheating:  Any student found cheating on an exam will be dismissed from the program immediately and the policy of ‘no course refund’ will apply.

Home Study:

This aromatherapy and reflexology training is equivalent to college or advanced education.  As adult students, you are required to complete home-study questions and work on your own time at home.  If you have any questions in regards to the homework, you can contact the school for advice or clarification by email or phone.

Reflexology 45-Hour Home-Study: the completed Workbooks are submitted to the Instructor at the time of the written exam in order to receive recognition for completing 45 hours of additional study.  The home-study component guides the student through an integration process of material learned in the classroom along with material contained in the student manual so that the written exam may be successfully completed.

All students are responsible for completing any home-study assignments on their own time, i.e. Anatomy, Physiology Study Guides, Aromatherapy Study Questions and Reflexology Workbook/Study Guide.

The practical component, i.e. clinicals, for all programs and workshops shall be submitted to the Instructor at the time of the practical exam. 


Programs & workshops are scheduled on specific weekends and students are required to attend.  The reflexology program is four days with the majority of the training being practical – learning the hands-on techniques – students are not allowed any absences.  Workshops are only 2 days and attendance is mandatory.

If absences occur, the student will be considered ‘incomplete’ in their training and will be responsible for making up these classes at their own expense.  The classes can be made up by private tutoring at a cost of $70.00/hour.  The particular missed class can also be made up by attending the same class, in the next program being taught without extra charge.  A school diploma cannot be issued until the number of program hours have been completed.  The school is not responsible to provide make up days for missed classes.


The student is responsible for providing their own sheets, towels, pillows, blankets for the hands-on portion of the course.  If the student comes unprepared, they must ask another student for any supplies they are missing as the school does not provide linens.

Cell Phones:

During the training, all cell phones are to be turned off.

Due to privacy and copyright laws, there is no taping or recording of the training allowed.