Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Training Program

Sandy Rankin, the founder of Aliphatic Ambrosia (& Aromatica), has been providing Hot Stone Massage Certification to Ontario students for more than 27 years. Classes are offered in Windsor, Ontario for students coming from Kingsville, Chatham, Essex, Leamington and surrounding area.

Hot Stone Massage is a unique and grounding form of massage using hot Balsalt stones to warm and relax the client.  Through strategic placement of warm stones on the body, a hyperthermic effect is created, which research shows is able to alter mood and create feelings of emotional uplifting.

During this warming and deep stimulation of stones moving over the body, the immune system is also boosted.

Another great benefit of hot stone massage is that this wonderful, relaxing treatment has a balancing effect on the chakras and assists in taking the stress out of every part of the body.  It is especially effective for arthritis sufferers or anyone with joint or muscle pain, i.e. fibromyalgia.

• History of Hot Stone Therapy
• Room Set-up
• Stone Placement & Technique
• Heating Unit & Stone Care
• Integration of Stones into Other Holistic Therapies
• Hands-on Practical Techniques

Number of Hours: 36 (includes Case Studies)

To become Certified, students must complete the 2-day training, practice their techniques, then contact the school to come in for a ‘Practice Session’. The practice session is to make sure the student is ready to begin their clinicals. There are 15 clinicals, which can be done on family and/or friends, which would be 5 people, 3 times each; or, 3 people, 5 times each (or a combination of the two). Once the clinicals are done with proper documentation, students book their practical exam, and bring their clinical documentation for review.

Upon successful completion of the 2-day training, practice session, 15 clinicals and a practical exam, students receive their certificate as a “Certified Hot Stone Massage Practitioner”.

Admissions Requirement
Minimum 18 years old and high school diploma (or equivalent).

Total cost for the Hot Stone Massage Certificate Program is $495.00.  Rocks and heating unit are extra (suppliers provided).

Registration Fee
Deposit of $100.00 holds your place in class.  The balance of $395.00 is due on/before the first day of class.

Date of Next Hot Stone Massage Certification Workshop: TBA or upon Request

NOTE:  also available, 2-day Reflexology Hot Stone Certification ($495.00)